Right now life at home has been a mixed bag of positivity, frustration, joy and increased knowledge. We have enjoyed being able to spend more time with our loved ones, and focus on the fruit that life will bring us. We honestly miss a few routine elements that use to ensure our mental, spiritual and physical well-being. Here are some of those things:

-our regular check-in's with therapists; massage, physio, mental..etc

-our doctors, and dentists

-trip to the spa

-a yoga class

-the gym

Our team here has been doing home workouts, home yoga, doctor phone call appointments, machine massages, foam rolling sore muscles, and taking baths to mimic spa visits. One key thing we have been doing more of is our use of essential oils in these at home activities to provide us further healing during this time. 

What does aromatherapy mean to you? To us, it means using products that contain essential oils to promote a holistic healing through the use of smelling these oils in every day life. We use essential oils in almost all our products to ensure that every-time you use them you enhance your spiritual, mental and physical well being. During this current COVID situation taking care of yourself is even more important than before. 

Try using the Elegant Rose lotion when giving your partner their next massage. After that long run, followed by some yoga, take a bath using our Island Getaway bath bomb. Transport yourself to the spa with a skin treatment, by exfoliating your skin using our Fruity Pebbles body scrub in the shower.