Every few years we always go through these monumental moments in History such as the recent brutal murder of George Floyd. Regardless of how much we all like to think that racism no longer exists, that racists in our societies are more of a fairy-tale villain and thus can’t be real, it is still a daily reality for many groups of minority in North America and especially most perpetrated against Black Americans and Natives of the Americas.

How much more black blood has to be shed by the Police before enough is enough in our society. It’s been more than 150 years since the abolition of slavery but yet so many Police departments in North America are still run as if it is the year 1800, when enslaving some people to free others, taking land from some to give to others and robbing people of their dignity to give others a sense of supremacy was the order of the day. It is no different nowadays where Police officers apprehend and treat black men and women suspected of the most minor crimes like a “horse being taken to the knacker”. It is a time where a black man can be murdered for jogging, a black woman can be murdered for sleeping, police can be called on a man for bird-watching and then there is George Floyd and the many more George Floyds out there.

Hundreds of years of supremacist and racist policies designed to prop up whiteness and devalue blackness has led to a systemic racist cankerworm that is now almost impossible to get rid of. Continuing inequalities in education, housing, employment, wealth, and representation in leadership positions are deeply rooted in our shameful history of slavery and systemic racism.

If you are a white person, especially if you are in a position of power, you are called upon to examine your own heart and conscience for how you might contribute to break down racial divisions, intolerance, and discrimination. The failure to act to end systemic racism hurts those who are victimized and denies all of us the opportunity to benefit from the gifts of diversity.