The feeling of a warm breeze and summer sun lift spirits and help to rid bad energy. However, the summer weather is getting away from us and fall sweater and bath weather is upon us. Additionally, all the kids head back to school, whether at home or physically in the classroom, everyone out there is fighting off the negative energy surrounding the seasonal transition and new lifestyle we are working through. 
There is a holistic belief that essential oils can help to cleanse negative energy and rid off bad vibes. Here are a list of eight essential oils that can help boost your good vibes, stay positive and shift your spiritual energy for the better. 
  1. Lavender  - to calms your nervous system and quiets the brain, overall bringing you closer to a positive mindset and getting rid of bad energy. Try our Lavender Abyss shower gel to truly calm your spirit either at the start of the end of your day. 
  2. Eucalyptus - clears your sinuses to wake your mind. It also is thought to lower blood pressure  to reset your energy. Try our Spa Life soap to uplift your spirit in the shower to make the most out of your day. 

  3. Bergamot - is earthy and helps to ground you by regulating emotions and memory. Try out Sweet Lavender lotion for daily moisture and spiritual grounding. 

  4. Ylang Ylang - floral scented to reduce anxiety and improve your self-esteem for a natural pick-me-up. Try our No Cal Orange Chocolate for a morning or evening bath to really boost your confidence and life your spirits. 

  5. Sage - is associated with specially with cleaning negative energy. It is good for the immune system, calming nerves and inducing sensual vibes. Try out Beach Please soap to clean your skin and your vibes, all the while dreaming about the beach. A natural pick me up during this time of year.  

  6. Frankincense - is used to purify spaces and reducing stress. It's a royal scent and has been used for centuries. Purification and cleansing of the mind to produce positive spiritual environments.

  7. Peppermint  - used to calm your mind and release headaches. It also calms nerves, sore muscles and aid digestion soothing your body. This oil literally calms your mind and body to spiritual heal and uplift your energy. Our Bare Naked bath salts do all this! Try it for the benefits of the peppermint essential oils, and the salt soak experience. 

  8. Chamomile -  calms your body to reduce stress and is the ultimate nourishment for the spirit. Try our Sleepy Lavender bubble bath to change your spiritual energy after a hard day at work. 
With most of our products (7/8) having the key essential oils to reduce negative vibes and enlighten positive spiritual energy, what's not to love about routine wellness for overall positive mind and body improvements?! I can't think of anything better than brightening up my mood and energy on a daily basis.