When I was younger the smell of Lavender was what my grandmother seemed to drench herself in. The scent made my nostrils flare with grace and induced a static haze that lingered for hours. This aroma was powerful because when I was absent from it I ached to smell a hint of sweet lavender.

The smell of lavender reminds me of my grandmother and brings me back to a time of pleasant memories, blissful calm and positive energy. There was a long time that went on where the smell of lavender would remind me of this peaceful time. It wasn't until I started to use lavender essential oil that I realized the properties of the essential oil where what brought me back to the happy times spent with my grandmother. It grounded me in less stressful time and brought positive vibes to the forefront of my mind. 

Lavender essential oil is used to calm your nervous system and quiets the brain, overall bringing you closer to a positive mindset and getting rid of bad energy. It is no wonder that after spending time with her I would feel so calm and positive. I started to use lavender essential oil in my mindfulness practice, in my skin care routine and overall wellness. I smell it for aromatherapy to calm my mind if I am stressed or anxious. I apply it to my skin to help me fall asleep. Also, blend it in my soap and lotions to give me a daily wellness boost. If you fell like you need a little calming, pick me up and positive vibe booster, lavender should be your go to. 

Try our Sweet Lavender lotion, to not only moisturize your skin but to relax your body and mind.