I am obsessed with YouTuber Cassandra Bankson because she provides accurate and factual skincare advice based on science and her professional medical experience. She is open minded when it comes to natural remedies but also breaks down myths regarding all skincare products, practices and ingredients. I have learnt a lot from her reviews, recommendations and tips/tricks. If you are a skincare lover like me and thrive for healthy, glowing and younger looking skin done correctly check her out!  

My favourite content of hers is her celebrity skincare reviews. She does an honest review of a specific celebrity's skincare routine. She analyses it in depth, step by step going through everything from the products they use, they claims they make, their techniques and more. It really brings to light how influential celebrities can be in their claims when in actuality their claims mean nothing. On the flip side, there are times where Cassandra is skeptical of a celebrity's skincare or even their own skincare line, but as a result Cassandra is surprised at the product ingredients, their application and their usage. She is unbias and you can take her information with full commitment or with light recommendation.

Check her out and see what I am taking about! I would love to hear if you are fans too. 


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