Why use organic products?

Have you ever read the back of a label to find that you don’t know what more than half of the ingredients are? Let alone, can you pronounce them? If so, you are not alone. This was me over 3 years ago regarding bath and skin care products. I looked for options that were well priced, smelt good and were trusted brand names I heard of. It wasn’t until I had a baby that I really started to pay attention to what was in the products I was putting on my child. I noticed that a lot recommended products, were from brand names I hadn’t heard of. The more research I did, the more I came to the conclusion that so many of the household products and names I grew up were horrible for your skin, full of junk and chemical with serious consequences. I began to look for brands that were vegan, made in North America, organic, and had ingredients that I could pronounce.

 Your skin is your biggest friend and I also your largest enemy because it absorbs what you put on it. Did you know that your body actually absorbs about 60% of what you apply. Think about that for a second… if you are washing your body with soap filled with toxic chemicals, your skin is actually taking that into your body, to process and breakdown. What are the side effects of those toxic chemicals? While some remain unknown, most give you cancer and other diseases. Yeah – not good right?

 I have good news for you! Know is the chance to change part of your routine! Clean products can be expensive but are totally worth the investment. Yes… it’s an investment, one in your health, longevity and therefore your future.

Don’t go into your bathroom and start throwing out every product you think may be toxic. Start first with doing a bit of research on organic brand names to give you the best idea of what you are looking for, what works for your skin, your preferences and your budget. There are a ton of Organic companies out there and they range in various different prices! Once you find a few brand names you want to try, start with replacing one product and then work from there to refill as other products begin to run out. This will give you the chance to slowly sample a few brand names to find ones you like as well as save your wallet from massive destruction.

What's in our soap? Quality ingredients like olive olive, shea butter and organic essential oils. 

Our products are made locally in Ontario, Canada, contains only the highest quality oils, butters and essential oils to give you the confidence to use this in your everyday routine. Once you try our lotions, you will notice the difference between our product and what’s on the shelf at a drug store. Using products like Organic Olive Oil, apricot shells and lavender essential oils (to name a few), give us the edge to take on all elements on your skin care needs. We are a growing company and will release more and more products as we expand into the market. Our products are an affordable in the green and clean market, they are child friendly, fell and smell amazing without any toxins.

Try the Cleansing Carrot Soap, not only does it have benefits for your entire body, but the smell is exotically intoxicating.